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What To Do When Annoying People Bug You-Part 2

April 1, 2016


You can't smack em Alright, Alright. I’m kidding…

However, as you might recall, what we previously established (see this) is that there are annoying people, well, kinda everywhere.

There is no avoiding them…unless we move to that island with Tom Hanks in “Cast Away”.

But thats a not good idea either…because soon enough we will find something annoying there too…

Its inevitable.

Are you getting this?

We get annoyed because things are not going our way….and they rarely do.

However, it’s not all bad…

I have a solution….watch below and please let me know if this works for you. I’d love to hear your comments…as long as they’re nice.

Kidding. I’m kidding again. Well, sorta.




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What To Do When Annoying People Bug You

March 23, 2016


I feel ya. I have been there before…and I am sure I will be again. Annoying people bug me all the time.

I know you KNOW what is right for _________ (insert name of annoying and ridiculous person here)…and, yet, they simply just won’t comply!

Why in the world…with all the worldly experience and common sense you possess, would she/he NOT listen to you?




However, they got ya.  And got ya good. They are winning this war!

How, you ask?

Because, look who’s suffering…YOU! You are suffering, wishing and wanting things to be different…and they are not…and may never be.

So, what can you do? What have you done? In times when others are not doing what you want?

I would LOVE to hear what you have done…and in the next video, I will share with you what I do.

P.S. It works! Like a champ, baby, like a champ!