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What Happened When I Met the VP of Skechers

May 19, 2016

It started out as an ordinary Friday night out in Redondo Beach, California…..

Picture of me, Tony and Fred Eguchi


Where the locals gather… at Friends of the Vine…an infamous wine bar owned by Fred Eguchi. See him pictured here with me and my husband, Tony.

This is kind of place the folks from all walks of life huddle together at the almost too small bar…on weekend nights you can expect locals to be standing 3 levels deep.

Now, please understand there are plenty of other places to sit…many couches and even another bar near the entry of the building. But why we huddle up so close…is no longer a mystery to me.

Keep reading and you too will see why Friends of the Vine is the place to be!

Besides knowing wine varietals inside and out…Fred even gives my wine collector Hubby a run for his money…Fred is an expert at connecting people that need to know each other.

To date, Fred has been the impetus to many matches that resulted in marriage, real estate deals closed over a glass of Cab, and business partnerships burgeoning, while using over stacked wine boxes as a make shift bargaining table.

And on one fateful day in January 2016, I, too, was the lucky recipient of yet another purposeful and perfect connection.

Fred introduced me to THE Senior VP of Skechers. As in, the dude that runs the joint…like the whole company. He was kind and open and willing to listen to my mission. In fact, Go Get Young was still in the embryonic state and had not been hatched yet. Rick Graham, the Sr. VP, carefully began explaining to me that Skechers adores the over 40 population and wants to increase the market share in that demographic. This of course was music to my “over 40” ears.

During our brief “meeting”, Rick took notes, asking me my shoe size, color preference, what type of activity I enjoy most…

And guess what showed up on my door step less than a week later? Well, watch for yourself…

Now…an important question for you…what is your favorite Skechers product? How long have you been wearing Skechers?

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What To Do When Annoying People Bug You

March 23, 2016


I feel ya. I have been there before…and I am sure I will be again. Annoying people bug me all the time.

I know you KNOW what is right for _________ (insert name of annoying and ridiculous person here)…and, yet, they simply just won’t comply!

Why in the world…with all the worldly experience and common sense you possess, would she/he NOT listen to you?




However, they got ya.  And got ya good. They are winning this war!

How, you ask?

Because, look who’s suffering…YOU! You are suffering, wishing and wanting things to be different…and they are not…and may never be.

So, what can you do? What have you done? In times when others are not doing what you want?

I would LOVE to hear what you have done…and in the next video, I will share with you what I do.

P.S. It works! Like a champ, baby, like a champ!


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Breakthrough Interview on How to Increase Vitality

March 17, 2016

2016-02-05 15.48.30-2

It’s not everyday that I get the opportunity to sit down with a medical doctor (well, not including the one I am married to) in order to discuss his involvement with helping us folks over 40 years old to look, feel and possibly even reverse aging.


Say WHAT?!?! Yep! You read that correctly…Dr Chein says that we can move the hands of Time backwards.

No, No, No…I know what you’re thinking…that we can become become 21 all over again. We cannot change our chronological age, but we can change our cellular age. And when we alter that…we experience a vibrancy that only a 20 year old can keep up with.


Please enjoy the video…and as always your comments are appreciated and honored.


With Loving Thoughts and Young Wishes….